Cyclone Sitrang : Will be ready now

Friends, Cyclone Sitrang will be ready in North Indian Ocean now. Because now the cyclones in the ocean will be named this. A cyclone does not form directly.

The main reason for the formation of cyclones is the increase in sea level temperature and when there is instability in the wind direction, the possibility of cyclone formation in the sea increases.

In the initial stage, there is a circulation in the sea, after which this circulation becomes stronger and turns into a low pressure.

When all ocean weather factors are more supportive after the formation of low pressure, this low pressure develops into a stronger wellmark low pressure. More than that, this system turns into depression when it gets stronger.

After turning into depression, a higher category of system becomes deep depression. Thus the system becomes stronger gradually. After forming a deep depression, the system turns into a weak cyclone.

Beyond that, the system becomes stronger, then it is called a strong storm or cyclone. Cyclones frequently occur in the North Indian Ocean during the monsoon season.

In which cyclones are often formed mainly in the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea. The next cyclone will be named Cyclone Sitrang.

The cyclones that occur in the Bay of Bengal during monsoons mainly move towards the north-west direction. Some of these also spread to Bangladesh or Thailand.

While the pre-monsoon cyclones in the Arabian Sea mostly go to the Arabian country side. While the cyclones occurring in the Arabian Sea in the months of July, August or September are mainly scattered towards the north-east direction.

In which their direction is towards Gujarat or Maharashtra side. However, this is not fixed. The track of the cyclone is determined based on the weather conditions at that time.

So friends, we will continue to provide information about this here regularly, so stay connected with us.

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